The Sire and Dam to Geeloger Jef were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
Geschelpt Klamperke was born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk of Royal Bloodlines
"Geschelpt Klamperke"
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk

The Sire and Dam to Geert were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
Geeloger Jef ..another incredible Original Janssen with impeccable credentials. His Grand Sire and Grand Dam were sold at the Janssen Brothers final auction for record prices.. 
GrandSire/"Zoon Van Prinses"
Belg.2005.6153301 Sold For $22,655.00
GrandDam/Geschelpt Van Witpenneke
Belg.2005.6450540 Sold For $20,720.00
The "Zoon Van Prinses" in English means (Son of the Prinses)  The Prinses
Belg.2003.6485765 is widly considered by the legendary Janssen enthusiasts as the most prolific Janssen Breeder in the modern pigeon racing era.
"Geeloger Jef"
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
Home to the finest selection of 100% Janssen of Arendonk, Legendary Racing Pigeons
"Geert" At the Janssen Brothers final auction no less than six of "Geerts" ancestors were sold for record prices !
GrandSire/"Zoon Van Prinses"
Belg.05.6153301 Sold For $22,655.00
GrandDam/Kleindochter Chantilly
Belg.01.6524809 Sold For $19,615.00
GrandDam/Geschelpt Wionterjong
Belg.08.6374035 Sold For $$22,650.00
GrandSire/"late Doffer"
Belg.10.6246175 Sold For $19,615.00
GGrandDam/"Klein Licht"
Belg.02.6478464 Sold For $46,700.00
GGrandSire/Late Blauwen Van 00
Belg.00.6553131 Sold For $23,850.00
September Girl
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
The Sire and Dam to September Girl were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
"September Girl"..a majestic hen, with spectacular lineage. There were 5 ancesters to "September Girl" in the Brothers final auction.
Grand Dam/"Dochter Van Prinses"
Belg.2006.6056065 Sold For $70.000.00
Grand Sire/ "Zoon Van Prinses"
Belg.2005.6153301 Sold For $22.655.00
Grand Sire/"Septemberman"
Belg.2004.6293191 Sold For $55.530.00
GGrandSire/Late Blauwen Van 2000
Belg.2000.6553131 Sold For $23,850.00
GGrand Dam/ "Klein Licht"
Belg.2002.6478464 Sold For $46,700.00
Chantilly 52
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
All four Grand Parents to Chantilly 52 were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
"Chantilly 52" ....now here is a Janssen that is absolutly loaded with a seemingly endless list of Janssen Greats.  We have documentation in her pedigree that dates all the way back to 1980 (this was when the Brothers were still in the prime of their racing career)
As you can see in the lineage column a list of pigeons that turned the world upside down, both in racing and breeding.
"Chantilly 52" handles like a dream, and still possesses all the dynamics of her incredible ancesters.
Super Vosse
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
The Sire and Dam to SuperVosse were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
Here is our incredible "Super Vosse" his parents were both imported by Dr. Brown in 2002, directly from the lofts of the World Famous Janssen Brothers.  
Through much research and dilligence we were able to trace the roots of this wonderful pigeon all the way back to the Janssen's
"Wondervoske Van 1945" Her Great Grand Sire was "Vos Van 26" a "direct Ceulemans added to the Brothers loft in 1926.
The Sire and Dam to School Street were born and bred at the World Famous Lofts of the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
  We are often asked if we sell our Janssens.  Yes but only a very limited and select few.  We have what I term seven "Original's" (the seven pigeons pictured above) in our Breeding Lofts.  Through selective breeding from these "Originals" we have chosen seven additional ones from their offspring that now have been added to our Breeding Loft.  Thus we breed from seven pair of 100% Janssen of Arendonk racing pigeons. Our goal is to keep these Janssens pure and uninterrupted, by crossing within the family lines only.  We have just enough diversity in genetics and pedigree to accomplish this. Our expertise (if you will) is in the breeding lofts.  We have studied and researched genetics for well over 25 years now, and have a vast knowledge how to accomplish and maintain a family of pigeons like this.
  All of our efforts are now focused on our Janssen family and keeping the Janssen traditions alive and well.  You will not find a better group of Janssens anywhere  As you can see above the final group of  Janssens went for phenomenal prices.  Original Janssens are now very difficult to come by.  All the Janssen Brothers are now gone and their lofts are empty.  Every Pigeon sold in the final auction went to either China or Tiawan.  I was very fortunate to acquire the seven mentioned above when I did.  There are a few remaining pockets of of Janssen breeders left in various parts of the world. We believe we have the most complete and finest selection in all of North America.
  I will, as I said, sell a very select few for serious buyers only.  The Janssens bred from my very top hen "Geschelpt Klamperke" are $1,000.00 each.  Any Janssens from my other  originals, "September Girl",  "Geeloger Jef",  "Chantilly 52",  "Geert",  "Super Vosse", or "School Street" are $500.00 each.  Any Janssens bred from my (Second Generation Janssen Breeders) are $400.00 each.  I will pay all shipping as a token of my appreciation for your investment.  If for ANY reason you are not 100% happy with the pigeons you receive, I will ask for the pigeon back, and be very happy to return your money.  However this must be done within 30 days of receiving the pigeon. (there will be no exceptions to this)  and the pigeon must be in good condition.  Please note that I have never had a single pigeon returned. 
  My philosophy is very simple ...  I will not put a pigeon in that shipping box that I would not be thrilled to receive myself.  I am maticulous, and somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my pigeons.  There are very few details I miss when it comes to breeding a top quality speciman.  You will absolutly love these Janssens.  After all, the Brothers bred and maintained the greatest family of pigeons  that ever existed. This line of pigeons dates back to 1886. Their "Final Auction" took place on April 30th 2012. This is 126 years of incredible breeding. There is no family of pigeons in existence that can match their phenomenal history. Almost every pigeon in existence today carries some of their genitics.  There is a very good reason for this,  The Janssens quite honestly and quite simply had superior genetics !!  If you think for one minute that the quality of the Janssens has gone down, then you haven't handled my family.  These Janssens and their prodigy are still as vital and vibrant today as they ever were.  I have never had one single health issue with this family.  They absolutly radiate with an abundance of health.
                                  Your friend in the sport ... Tom Fremont of Midnight Blue Lofts

Our "School Street" is loaded with Old-Line genetics, as well as modern day Janssen Greats.  She is half sister to 
"Super Vosse" When Dr. Brown imported the Originals in 2002 he was only able to aquire one hen along with two cocks, thus his line can only go back the same Dam.
We are fortunate that we have three additional Original hens to cross this line back to.  This now enables us to keep varity and seperation so the gene pool does not get too close. 
Geschelpt Klamperke .. perhaps among the greatest of Original Janssens ever to come to America. Check out the Royal Bloodlines bred into this incredible pigeon.
Sire/"Late Van Vos of  2004"
Belg.2004.62931444 Sold for: $41,500.00
Dam/"Schoon Licht"
Belg.2003.6457591 Sold For $ 17,000.00
Full Brother/"SchoneVos"
Belg.2005.6450535 Sold For $36,000.00
The twenty pigeons in the Janssen Brothers "Final Auction" averaged $29,000.00 each.
The grand total was $590,000.00 USD
Breeding from the Legendary Bloodlines of : De Merckx, De Jonge Merckx, De 019, De Klamper, Blauw Wittikske, Blauwen Onder Tafel, Chantillie, Wonder Voske, Raket, Jonge Raket, Witoger, Zoon Witoger, Geeloger...and more
Breeding from the bloodlines of the modern day 'SuperStars of : De Prinses, Zoon V Prinses, Dochter V Prinses, Zoon Chantillie, Lowieke, Dochter Lowieke, Dochter Vos Volliere, September Girl, September Man...and more
"The 019" Belg.1973.6736019 - 18 times first place.
"The Jonge Merckx" Belg.1970.6243257 - 15 times first place.
"The Oude Merckx" Belg.1967.6282031 - 7 times first place, and Sire to the Jonge Merckx and the 019.
"Lowieke" Belg.19966598538 - Sire to - 1st Olympiad Middle Distance, 1st Nation al Ace WHZB, The Olympic Truus, 2nd National Ace (Miss Laura)"Best of the Best"
"Prinses" Belg.2003.6485765 - Dam to 3 times 1st providence, and countless other super champions.
Breeders Loft
Tomorrow's Hope !
Midnight Blue Racing Lofts
       As we continue to search the globe for the finest 100% Original Janssen Brothers of Arendonk bloodlines, we are very proud to introduce to you our latest breeding pair.  With 'New Lowieke and 'September Prinses we are bringing together the best of the 'New Era Janssen 'Superstars...'Lowieke and 'Prinses of 03.  These are the finest 'modern day Janssen Bloodlines to be found anywhere !

'New Lowieke
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
'September Prinses
100% Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
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